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Reading 中知识点
1. universal adj 普遍的,共通的,公认的,宇宙的。
War causes universal misery. 战争造成了普遍的痛苦。
Television provides universal entertainment。 电视提供了大众娱乐。
a universal rule 普遍适用的规则。
2.star. vt. star (in sth) be a star ( in a play, film, etc.)在(戏剧,电影中)担任主角,主演
She is to star in a new film .她将主演一部新影片。
star sb. (in sth) present sb. As a star, feature sb.使某人担任主演,由某人主演。
My favourite film stars Marilyn Monroe.
The director wanted to star Michael Caine in his new film.
stardom n.明星或主演的地位,身份。
3.cast vt. (pt ,pp. cast) give (an actor ) a part in a play由……主演,使……成为明星,由……担任主角
cast sb.(as sb) , cast sb. (in sth)
He was cast as Othello/ in the role of Othello.
4.outdoor adj [attr 作定语]of used in, done in or existing in the open air(outside a building or a house) 户外的,户外用的,露天的
outdoor activities 户外活动
outdoor clothing 户外穿的衣服
outdoor sport 户外运动
outdoors adv.在户外 ,在露天,在外面
Indoor adj. Indoors adv.
5.be drunk with 醉心于……,沉溺于…… 由于…… 而忘乎所以
It’s reported that many middle school students are drunk with playing computer games.
The young couple were drunk with their happy and peaceful life.
6.dare vi (with or without to),1)(用或不用 to,)敢于,敢 胆敢。
He didn’t dare (to) go
I wonder how he dares (to) say such things.
I’ve never dared (to ) ask him
2) Take the risk of, face。 敢冒(危险):面对;不惧
He will dare any danger. 他敢冒任何危险。
3)dare sb (to do sth.) challenge; suggest that sb has not the courage or ability to do sth. 挑激,暗示某人无勇气或能力做某事。
I dare you to say that again! 我谅你也不敢再说这样的话。
He dares me to jump from the bridge into the river.他激将我从桥上跳到河里。
daring n冒险精神,勇气,勇敢
lose one’s daring 失去勇气
adj. brave.勇敢的。胆大的
a daring robbery.胆大的抢劫
What a daring thing to do!这真是件有胆量的人做的事。
7.exercise. vt. employ, make use of 应用,运用
exercise control over.对 …..实施.控制 ,控制
exercise patience 运用耐心
exercise authority over sb 对.……使用权威
exercise one’s rights行使权 利
8.break one’s promise 食言, 收回承诺。
keep one’s promise遵守诺言。
9.recite vt背诵,朗诵;叙述,描述,列举,一一说出。
He recited his poem in front of the whole class.
The mayo recited to the Queen a long and tedious speech of welcome
recite one’s grievances 描述某人的苦难。
recite the names of all the capital cities of Europe
10.terrify vt .(pt,pp terrified)fill with fear.使恐怖,使惊恐。
The child was terrified of being left alone in the house.
She was terrified out of her wits.
What a terrifying experience!
terrifying adj terrified adj
11.torture vt.&n cause severe suffering to 使受剧烈痛苦,折磨。
Many of the prisoners have been tortured.
Don’t torture yourself by thinking those unpleasant things.
torture a man to make him confess sth.
Recently he was tortured with great anxiety.
torture n.拷打,拷问,酷刑逼供;(精神或肉体上的)折磨,煎熬,痛苦
The confession was made under torture.
A whole day without chocolate must be torture for you。
12.stage. vt put on the stage, put before the public.
To stage ‘Hamlet’
This drama was well/badly staged
The group of students staged a drama written by themselves.
13.condemn vt 1)say that sb is ,or has done, wrong or that sth is wrong, faulty of unfit for use 责备,责难,谴责 指摘,指…..为不当
condemn sb for sth
We all condemn cruelty to children
Everyone condemned his foolish behaviour.
The newspapers condemned the Prime minister for his attitude toward the event.各报纸因为首相对此事的态度而责难他。
2)(legal) give judgement against condemn sb (to) (法律)判罪;处刑
condemn a murder to life imprisonment.
be condemned to death被处死
Sentences and phrases in the text.
1. line 5 He likes East Asia very much and also wrote Madam Butterfly, which is set in Japan.
be set in 以……为背景.
The story was set in Britain of the 19th century.
2.Line10. Just imagine performing such an opera in the Forbidden City – there could not be a better setting.
想想在紫禁城里上演这部戏剧吧----- 不可能有比这更好的场景了!
1) imagine doing sth.想象做……
2) there could not be a better setting. 不可能有比这更好的场景了!
Eg. I could not agree more. 我非常同意你。
You could not find a better friend than him.你不能找到一个比他更好的朋友了。(他是你能找到的最好的朋友)
3.line27 Turandot is desperate to learn his name and threatens and terrifies liu because she knows his name.
be desperate to do不顾一切的做…… be dying/hungry/thirsty to do .
4.line31. Then Calaf says his own name aloud, leaving his future in Turandot’s hands.
leave sth in one’s hands把……托付到某人的手上。
Eg. We should leave our happiness in someone else’s hands.
5 line39 the production combined the very best of Western and Chinese talents in music ,tagging and directing.
Combine the very best of A ,B,and C 结合了A,B,C的优点
6.line47. However, in this wonderful production, it has been transformed into the location for a beautiful and heartbreaking love story.
transform sth (into sth) change the shape ,appearance, quality or nature of
eg. Success and wealth transformed his character
a caterpillar(毛虫) is transformed into a butterfly

Grammar 中知识点
1.Privilege n. 特别待遇,特权
Education should be a universal right and not a privilege.
You can enjoy all the benefits and privileges of club membership.
privileged adj. 有特权的,受特别优待的
Those in authority were in a privileged position.
She comes from a privileged background.
2. desire n./vi./ vt. 愿望;渴望;欲望
n. a strong desire for power. 强烈的权利欲
Enough money to satisfy all your desires足够的钱来满足你所有的欲望。
She felt an overwhelming desire to return home.
have desire to do 渴望做某事
v. We all desire health and happiness.
The house had everything you could desire.要什么有什么。
3.hire vt. 雇佣,租用,出租
The young couple hired a wedding dress.
hire a car/room/video /a lawyer/consultant …聘请律师/顾问
She was hired three years ago. 她是三年前录用的。
He does the hiring and firing in our company.
4.performer n表演者
Performance n. 表演,演出
The performance starts at seven.
an evening performance 晚场演出
Perform v.做,执行,履行; 演出
To perform an experiment/ a miracle/ a ceremony
I’d like to hear it performed live. 我希望听现场演出。
Perform magic tricks 表演魔术
The play was first performed in 1987.
5. personnel n. 人员/员工
Skilled /trained personnel 熟练的/训练有素的人员
Sales/technical/medical/security personnel 推销/技术/医务/保安人员
Army/military personnel 陆军/军事人员
(2)人事部门 the personnel department / manager 人事部门/人事经理
She works in lersonnel.她在人事部工作。
Personal adj. 个人的,私人的,本人的
personal belongings 私人财产
6.Tremble vi./n. 颤抖,发抖 tremble with anger 气得发抖
v. My legs were trembling with fear.
Her voice trembled with excitement.
He opened the letter with excitement.
n. There was a tremble in his voice.
A tremble of excitement / fear
7. apply for 申请
Apply for a scholarship /visa 申请奖学金/护照
Apply a theory to practice
Apply oneself to…致力于
Task 中知识点
1. Status n. 地位;身份;情形,状态
Legal status 合法地位
Low status jobs 地位低下的工作
To leave a high social status 拥有很高的社会地位
Women are only asking to be given equal status with men.
2. composer n.创作者,作曲家(尤指古典音乐)
compose v.(1) 组成,构成(一个整体)
Ten men composed the committee. 委员会由十人组成
Mozart composed his last opera shortly before he died.
3. bachelor n.单身汉;学士学位
a bachelor’s /master’s/doctor’s degree
a Bachelor of Arts/Engineering/Science 文学士/工程学士/理学士
4. fame 名声,名誉,名气
to win/achieve instant fane 立即赢得名声
fame and fortune 名利

1. essential adj.
(1) 本质的,实质的
The essential difference between us is that I take life seriously.
(2) 基本的;必需的
essential services such as shops and buses. 诸如商店,公交车之类的基本服务
essential vitamins/minerals/nutrients 身体健康所必需的维生素/矿物质/营养
Light is essential for the healthy development of plants.
2.decline n./vi.衰弱;衰败
v. Support for the party continues to decline.
Decline steadily/ sharply/ rapidly/dramatically 稳步下降/迅速下降
n. a rapid/sharp/gradual/steep/dramatic decline
An increase in cars has resulted in the decline of public transport.
3.trend n. 倾向,趋势,潮流
Economic/ social/political trends 经济/社会/政治趋势
We’ve seen a trend towards more violent films this year.
The latest trends in popular music. 流行音乐的最新趋势
4.discrimination n.
sexual /age/racial discrimination 性别、年龄、种族歧视
discrimination against women 对女性的歧视
He is an enthusiastic promoter of good causes.
Promote v.提升,晋级;促进,推广,促销
The band has gone on tour to promote their new album.
Promotion n.提升,提拔
Her job is mainly concerned with sales and promotion.
5.make a fortune 发财,赚钱
He made a fortune in real astate.
On one’s way to fame and fortune 名利双收的路上
He made a considerable fortune by selling waste materials.
inherit a large fortune 继承一大笔财产
seek one’s fortune寻出路(喻)去淘金
try one’s fortune碰运气
fortune teller占卜者,算命者
6. prayer n. 祈祷,祈求,愿望
He was a firm believer in the power of prayer.
他对祈祷的力量 信无疑
He arrived, as if in answer to her prayers.
Evening/morning/daily prayers 早晚每日祷告
A prayer for rain/successs/forgiveness
Pray for They prayed for peace.
Pray to God to do He prayed to God to save him.
7.cut short
cut sb. short 打断某人说话 
It’s bad manners to cut someone short in a conversation.
Cut sth short I’m sorry we had to cut our visit short.
Cut down 砍倒,夺去
Cut up 切掉,切断,断绝
Cut off删除
8.be drafted into 征召…入伍
He was drafted into the army in 1982.
draft vt. 起草,草拟;征召…入伍
The government’s first task was to a new constitution for the country.
first/final draft 初稿、终稿
I showed David a draft of the letter.
You should soon regained your appetite.你不久又会恢复食欲。
After losing the second set, Fowler regained his confidence and won the third set.输掉第2 轮后,fowler又重拾信心,赢得了第3轮。
Regain consciousness 恢复知觉
10.Appeal n.(1)吸引力,感染力
Mass/wide/popular appeal 对大众的/广泛的/普遍的感染力
The Beatles have never really lost their appeal.
The prospect of living in a city holds little appeal for me.
To launch a TV appeal for donations to the charity
v. The design has to appeal to all ages and social groups.
Police have appealed for witnesses to come forward.
11.Break up 解散,解体,分手
The meeting broke up at 11 o’clock.
Their marriage has broken up .(结束,破裂)
The ship broke up on the rocks 船触礁撞碎了。(粉碎,破裂)
Break down 出毛病/抛锚
Break into 突然闯入
Break out (战争,火灾等)发生,爆发
Break out of 摆脱束缚
12.phenomenon n. 现象 phenomena (复数)
Terrorism is a phenomenon of the 20th century.
13. Mental
Mental health/illness/problems
Mental age 智力年龄/心理年龄
Mental disorder/hospital 精神紊乱/精神病院
She was suffering from physical and mental exhausitions.

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